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You have the power to change the World

We give you the App to do it

“There are 679mn people in the world living on less than $1 a day”
~ World Bank 2020


Imagine an App where you shop to End Poverty

A brand to create real impact and change


Imagine the same App lets you see the impact your money has on a child,

and let’s you sponsor a child and end poverty for good
We have a world class payments and crypto team building our fintech solutions

It is a complete system

1CHILD solves poverty one child at a time from birth till they are placed in a job at 18 or 21.

The 1child platform takes care of all the needs of 1child to lift them out of poverty. As a minimum viable product we will fulfil their food requirements and build out the system from there. All your payments will be transparent, trackable and eventually carried out on a blockchain to make sure your money goes where it is meant to.

Who we are:


A team with a dream. A team of engineers, designers, fashionistas, technologists, futurists, change makers, philanthropists and investors who want to lift children out of poverty for good. The new way.



Our Founder

Suma Bhattacharya, although a UK based Fintech Entrepreneur today – could have had a very different path. She could have been a child, like many others struggling on the streets of Kolkata with a single mum. Suma believes we are not just the sum of our parts but a part of a greater sum. With Onechild she wants to provide that greater support system for a child from anywhere in the world to thrive.

Our NGOs piloting for us



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